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The new Belgian photo sharing app based on geolocation
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Market positioning

Eventer is a free App that allows you to share an album which means that we have plenty of competitors in B2C market. But we also provide communication/image management/entertainment tools to professionals event organisers (B2B) and most of them are corporate ones.
In this market we don't really have direct competitors and our solution is quite unique.
We are complementary to existing solutions already providing their solutions as photobox or photographers.
Our main model separates us from the competitors is our B2B2C strategy. We build products for customers but also tools for events organisers to reach their participants. We are on our way to becoming #1 in this area.
After proving our model and reaching scale in Belgium, our goal is to expand in other mature markets such as France/Germany/UK/USA. We have already international partners & clients to solidify our go-to market positioning.

Market trends

Our core target is a big market.

Download eventer_presentationsales.pdf 1.5 MB

In Belgium, 4500 companies have more than 500 employees and would be interested to partner up at least once a year for their corporate events. We made a little spreadsheet for the Big Corporate Event Belgium's Market which is just one of our Business models on a limited market :

Download one_shot_belgium_market.xlsx 9.64 KB

These are only the corporate events and we are not talking about the public events or networking events.

In the event industry we will focus on the wedding market during summertime.
In Belgium this market represents more than 40 000 events a year.

This market has no limit !

Events but not only...

We know that our main business has a long way to go before reaching our objectives. However, we are growing super fast.

We already schedule and organise meetings with different industries such as all-in Holidays or Outdoor advertising companies. We created a Taylor Made offer matching their dedicated needs. The price is negotiated and offers us a recurring big revenue.

The advantage is also that the Taylor Made offer gives us a great B2C communication and downloads.

This market is a great way to develop revenues, user numbers and our International Go to Market (but this is a limited market).

At least Advertisement !

Check out our Financial Projection !