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The new Belgian photo sharing app based on geolocation
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Why we made Eventer !

Have you ever been in a situation where you wish you had all of last night’s fun pictures? Or struggled getting all of your friends pictures after a holiday?

Eventer is a hassle-free way of sharing and storing photos whether you are at a concert, a birthday party, on holidays, a wedding, a bar mitzvah, etc...


Why Eventer ?

Are you fed up of trying to gather pictures through different apps? We've got the solution for you. How you might ask? One word: Eventer.
- We have successfully created a system where you can create photo galleries at events
- A unique standpoint - competitors are not really established while there is real demand on the market.
- We provide communication and digital entertainment tools to corporate events in Belgium.
- We've already build a good relationship with our users, clients and have managed to make a real impression on the Belgium market
- We have been honored by being featured in ProductHunt and we have been mentioned in plenty of articles.

Check out what we've managed to achieve with little to no budget in a year:


Here is how it works:
1. Create an event and select your location settings. Make sure all your guests have downloaded the application!
2. Share the album either by activating geolocation or by privately inviting your guests
3. Everyone in the event can then post photos
4. All photos are streamed live in the album. You can connect to people during and after the event.
Photos can then be saved to your device or shared on Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat, Messenger, Instagram,… and many more.

- You can connect to Sharingbox's photobooths and professional photograhers through your Eventer events.

- We provide Premium accounts to Event Organisers to help them broadcast and live stream their events (it is part of our communication & entertainment tools - linked to the main Eventer app). A great way of linking party goers and organisers.

Marketing strategy

Our Marketing Strategy:
Our strategy is to first get to the big companies that organise corporate events (such as Proximus, etc) to exploit their connections and events to get a big amount of people to download and use the app (B2B2C). These users will then start using the app for their own private events. As the app is free, fun to use and solves a problem, word of mouth will do the rest.

Distribution strategy

iOS App store, Google Play store and website(PC/Mac version) are our distribution channels for the app.
Pierre-Yves Bossard is our Account Manager for the Corporate Event Industry, and our Taylor Made solution.

Internationalisation strategy

Eventer is building a playbook. We will copy and adapt this playbook for the next countries, which are expected to be France, Germany, Spain, England, Ireland, Netherland and USA.
In every new country we establish ourselves, we will start building our presence
- Online Campaign
- With our existing Internationnal Partners and Clients. For example sharingbox is already in 17 countries.
- PR Campaign
- Sales campaign
Then we will be ready for Asia and South America.

Intellectual Property

98% of the code is owned and internally made. Yes, we do ask for help when we need it! We have big ambitions, the product you see today is only a preview of what we would like to do. To give you an idea of what on our product roadmap: video uploads, comments, notifications, filters and so on.

Major contracts

Main partners

  • Sharingbox : sharingbox was founded in Belgium and has since expanded over to 19 countries - becoming the market leader for digital photo booths in Western Europe. Sharingbox is a trusted international brand working with the world leading companies and illuminating all kind of events.
  • Utopix : Utopix is a great Belgium start-up linking more than 250 Belgian professional photographers with company needs. We nearly started together and sharing the same objectives and aspirations. We are sharing a booth at Digital First 2017 exhibition front of the Sharingbox one !