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Market positioning

The Turbulent vortex turbine technology is positioned as a “best of all techs” because of its inherent characteristics. It is a combination of cost-efficiency, easy construction and maintenance, fish friendly and hydraulic efficiency on very low head.
Other distinct factors are the Turbulent team and our activities. For our Tier 1 niche markets, Turbulent will be in charge of the whole distribution chain and the customer contact – “one stop shop”. Where our competitors provide the turbine units to construction companies or study bureaus, Turbulent handles all activities for a hydropower project.

- Feasibility study including legal procedure
- Site engineering
- Project Construction & installation
- Commissioning & quality control

This approach is more HR heavy but gives us a better understanding of the market needs and opportunities so we can perfectly respond to it. Furthermore, it also solves a common customer pain that the supplier of the technology is not available in proximity of the end customer. This inclusive positioning makes also sure that Turbulent can handle large projects for several types of customer like utilities e.g. Engie

Market trends

Massive untapped potential and increased will for development: Recent studies show a global very low-head potential of 314GW and projections of market growth of 2.85% CARG.

A drive towards stable micro grids for remote areas and communities powered by hydro: e.g. In late 2016, the ADB announced plans to fund 1,000 micro-hydro plants in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. In tandem with exponential increases in access to electricity supply, the use of electric household appliances is growing in rural areas. Televisions, air conditioning and refrigeration units are seen as key preferences for households after satisfying basic lighting.

Political and Environmental viability: Measures to prevent, eliminate and offset the impacts of hydropower plants are continuously increasing towards zero-impact.

Interest Turbulent has received: Since begin 2018, Turbulent went viral with its video reaching over 60 million views. This resulted in a flood of requests for either becoming a distributor of proposing projects as a customer. Up to this day, Turbulent has received ~5000 requests since February 2018.


Due to a better vortex technology, Turbulent goes for small & standard, lightness, ease of installation and maintenance. Compared with other low head hydropower technologies, the Turbulent vortex turbine produces hydropower energy at a relatively lower cost without the need for large infrastructure and with a smaller water pressure, based on the following advantages:

- Unique design for efficient low head streams conversion into energy

- Interchangeability in standard components to create different modular sizes

- Easy and fast to install, plug and play product without need for expertise

- Fish friendly and debris/sediment resistant without civil structures