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Jasper Verreydt


Jasper Verreydt (CEO/CFO) is the finance and strategy wizard behind the company. His background/experience in corporate finance and law, combined with his entrepreneurial mindset makes him the perfect person to accelerate Turbulent into a successful innovation company. Jasper's main strengths lie in planning, stress management, negotiation and presentation.


Geert Slachmuylders


Geert Slachmuylders (CTO) is the inventor of the technology and founder of Turbulent. He's recognized by MIT with the prestigious Innovator under 35 award and can always find a solution to any problem. Geert has previous experience founding and managing CORE and The Blue Academy. Both organizations are focused on educating and developing sustainable innovations.

(Education: Master of science in Electromechanical engineering. Catholic Universtiy of Leuven, GroepT)https://www.linkedin.com/in/geertslachmuylders/

Florian Vallaeys


Florian knows how to sell highly technical projects. He studied Electromechanical engineering at the K.U.Leuven and interned a year in Turbulent. He quickly developed an appetite for sales and re-educated himself to be our lead technical sales manager for Chile. He speaks 4 languages fluently, among which Spanish, which he used to build strong relationships with our Chilean customers.

Cristobal Venegas


Inspired by the possibilities of new technologies, Cristobal is our main CAD designer and production manager. He makes sure that all of our technologies are produced at the consistent, high quality we require for a 20 year flawless operation. As a Civil Engineer of the Universidad Catolica de Concepcion, he is capable to work in nearly every virtual environment, and ensure quality standards according to industry practices.

Prakriteesh Sarma


Being able to visualize complex flows and capable of understanding every complex equation, Prakriteesh takes care of the vortex model at the core of our turbine. He leads the Computational fluid dynamics task force that optimized our turbine to its current high performance and who keeps on optimizing it for debris shedding, fish friendliness and ever higher efficiencies.

Luc Berben


As an experienced business unit manager for over 20 years at another highly innovative Belgian company, Materialise, Luc knows what is needed to scale a small company into a worldwide corporation. He focuses on business procedures and project management to make Turbulent a well oiled machine that is able to offer high quality energy projects and an acceptable price. Systems are key! (https://www.linkedin.com/in/luc-berben-0492a64/)

Wim Verheirstraeten


The Tesla of his generation, Wim is able to design nearly anything when it comes down to electrical technology. He makes sure we reach optimal efficiency when converting the hydraulic energy of our turbine into electricity. Moreover we are able to do this at a cost comparable to hydropower projects 100 times our size.

Ella Lang


As a person who can get anybody talking, Ella is our sales assistant for Chile. She knows how to figure out the needs of incoming customers and is always ready to answer questions of potential clients. Currently she has her job cut out for her with the thousands of inquiries we're getting of new clients and companies requesting the reseller rights to their country.

Giovanni Ramirez


As a civil engineer with a focus on concrete structures, Giovanni knows how to design our turbine basins. With his track record in South America in the management of civil construction with non-expert workers, he made sure that the design of our concrete structures are doable even in the most remote location by a team with no former expertise.

Anibal Aguillon


As our mechanical engineer, Anibal takes pride in creating a turbine family that is reliable, easy to build, install and maintain. If he wasn't yet an expert in strength and force calculations before, he most certainly is now. Striving for perfection he participated in all stages of production, installation & commissioning, improving our turbine on each iteration.