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Market positioning

Barnaby aims at listing high end partners and therefore undertakes to offer enhanced visibility to a desirable community of high end clients!

Although the application is free, being a Barnaby user represents a real privilege.

Obviously, numerous applications, tourist guides, and influential bloggers continue to flourish. But Barnaby is clearly positioned as the LEADER in its specific niche: The world of top of the range drinks (Barnaby doesn't list restaurants, exhibitions, brunchs, etc.)

BARNABY is unique !

Market trends

1. Cash is dead, long live the cashless lifestyle
2. Users prefer native apps to mobile websites --> Got it! Barnaby is a native one.
3. Travellers are more and more connected: 85% of leisure travellers use their smartphone while abroad (source: the world travel market industry report and global trends report)

Reasons for using smartphones when traveling.

"For which of the following reasons do you use your mobile device while you are traveling ?" (statista 2016)

In this ecosystem 2.0, the Barnaby targets are:

The new generation of "connected" travelers (+1700% between 2011 and 2015) F. Gonzalo, May 2016

Ever more "sophisticated" young city dwellers for whom quality takes precedence. Barnaby offers value to its targets by offering them the right venues at the heart of the town. Being in tune with the times! "The best kept secrets"

Barnaby launched the first 100% cashless bar in the world : Welcome to the Gloster !

Alibaba is focused on a cashless solution to protect chinese visitors to be robbed in France !


Direct competition

  • Dojo
  • Reserve
  • Dize/Snapbar
  • Abdus
  • Billee
  • App'éro
  • Mi-app

Indirect competition

  • Yelp / TripAdvisor/ Timeout
  • Privateaser/Youshould
  • GoFindIt
  • LaFourchette
  • Le Fooding
  • Lydia/Pumpkin/ApplePay
  • Firsty

Barnaby has observed that none of its competitors offer promotions or even the possibility to pay for their consumption directly via the app. Most of them only provide listings!

Key success factors:

  • Immediacy
  • In app payment
  • Promotion and discounts
  • Quality of bar selection
  • User-friendly
  • Live concierge (recommendations, booking of tables)

Early Metrics notation (sept. 2017): Early Metrics assesses the growth potential of innovative ventures. Their ratings bring transparency to corporations, investors and entrepreneurs.