Hotel Neufchatel 1A

A brand new 4 stars boutique hotel in the city center of Brussels.
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Market positioning

The major part of our sales is done online through websites such as,,,, etc.

Market trends

In Brussels, there are approximately 200 hotels. These hotels are located in 3 major areas:

Downtown, close to the Grand-Place The European Area Uptown in the luxury Louise Area which is also close to the famous Place du Chatelain

Each area attracts different types of clients which confirms the positionning of the hotel:

Downtown: mainly tourists European Area: mainly European officials Uptown: business travelers and tourists in the weekend


Please find here a list of theoric competitors located within a range of 1 kilometer around the new hotel:

Vintage Hotel (3 stars) Made in Louise Hotel (3 stars) Manos Hotels (4 and 5 stars) Mercure Hotel (4 stars)