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Market positioning

For trailers, Betrail is the community's reference platform for finding information on their favourite sport: race information and registration, runners, results, rankings, performance monitoring.
For our customers (advertisers, trail organizers), Betrail wants to be the place par excellence where to reach all practitioners of this sport (amateurs as elite), but also find information / statistics on this sport and its practitioners.
In terms of image Betrail cultivates openness, for and by the practitioners who find free information of quality, and contribute to it by providing themselves the race results.
All this is a description of what Betrail is already today on the Belgian perimeter.

Market trends

A 2010 study in the US estimates that trailrunners are better educated than the average and that 30% of trailers earn >100,000 euros per year (
Our figures for Belgium show us that there are 50 000 regular trailrunners, and that this figure has almost doubled in 2 years. The number of trailrunners in France is estimated at 1 million (FIFAS 2016 study) and in Europe at least 5 million ( It can be estimated that each trairunners spends a few hundred euros per year, which gives a sector that weighs ~5 billion € (Sport & Cycle "Running Trail" 2015). Our ultimate goal is to capture a few percents of this amount.


Our goal is clearly to become the reference platform for trailrunning in France and beyond.
There is only one competitor on the concept of performance measurement trail ( The main difference is the closed aspect of this platform: it only includes the most competitive races, and is only accessible in paid mode. Betrail's objective is to be open and to address the standard runner who only participates in a few races in his region. The site currently does as much traffic on Belgium as this competitor active all over the world.
The other websites dedicated to the trail mainly include calendars and/or articles on races or the practice of sport. Worldwide, there are only two websites dedicated to trail that record more visits than a French forum community with 3x more traffic than a US site dedicated to long distance trail (2x betrail traffic).
We believe that by expanding only in France, betrail will already become the most visited website in the world, and by far.