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Market positioning

Digiteal offers a high quality solution at an unbeatable price. We chose this strategy to become a leader in the European market.

Compared to the competition, we are often on average 6 times cheaper than the mix of solutions adopted by our customers. We are a little cheaper than some competitors also offering electronic billing services. We are even competitive with sending emails if you factor in reminders, the fact that these emails arrive in junk mail and that the payments resulting from these emails more often require costly manual reconciliations.

Market trends

37 million invoices were exchanged in Europe in 2017. Out of these, only one quarter were electronic invoices. With the many solutions, standards and consolidations taking place in this market, more and more companies are adopting electronic billing solutions and customers are increasingly demanding such solutions. This can also be seen in the volumes of postal mail that are declining every year.

Digiteal wants to be a pioneer in standardized electronic invoicing by offering for the first time in Europe the use of the PEPPOL standard in a B2C context. In other words, with Digiteal you can choose to receive all your invoices by Digiteal without having to notify each supplier separately. The client is king.


For each of our products, the competition is different. You can see above the competition mainly in Belgium. Each European country has its own national payment solution and its players in the field of e-invoicing.