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Reinventing invoicing and payment
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Cédric Nève de Mévergnies


The brain behind Digiteal. Cedric is not just defining our business strategy and doing the math, he is leading the company in line with our values.

Christian Bettendorf


Attentive to customers needs and wishes. You have a question about Digiteal? Christian is the person that has the answer.

Philip Mees


Philip is our expert in financial compliance. He not only checks we do everything "by the book". He wrote the book.

Jonathan Gaytant


Jonathan is the one behind the lines of code of Digiteal from the very beginning. Building the application and making sure everything is sharp and running.

Nadea Nève


In between technical and social, Nadea is our user interface designer and the community manager of Digiteal.

Steve Bunlon


Passionate about new web technologies, Steve brings his expertise and experience in the development of our mobile application.

Valentin Delwart


Starting with an internship in Machine Learning, Valentin continues the adventure with Digiteal as a developer.