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James Lind - since 2015 - is a delicious blend of tea, juice and vitamins. This completely new combination created a new category of beverages, known as “Vitaminteas”. With James Lind Vitamintea we are tapping into two trends of the beverage industry at the same time: One being tea based juices and the other one are functional or nutraceutical beverages. Both markets are perceived as premium markets and are high priced segments.


James Lind has accomplished many things so far:

  • 340,000 units sold in Germany
  • Distribution agreement in Köln since October 2018: 18,500 units sold in one month
  • Distribution agreement in Belgium and Luxembourg since October 2018 : Start of sales planned for March 2019, which is the beginning of the season for this type of products
  • Complete review of costs in 2018 Q3


Today, supermarket shelf and restaurant menus are filled with artificial refreshment beverages which are usually too sweet and strongly carbonised.


James Lind Vitamintea is a range of great tasting, all natural blend of fresh teas, juices and an extra kick of healthy vitamins. James Lind comes in four delicious flavours and its light sweetness is mostly derived from apple juice concentrate. We believe that with James Lind VItamintea, we are offering a great refreshment beverage for young and old and a real alternative to those aiming for a healthy lifestyle.

Marketing strategy

The sales agreements for the German, Belgian and Luxembourg markets focus on a distribution towards speciality stores (such as White Night, Deli Traiteur ...), and luxury gyms (such as David Lloyd).

Distribution strategy

Basically, our sales agency does two things, they trigger orders within the above-mentioned customers and, at the same time, they list James Lind with the major German, Belgian and Luxembourg wholesales. The wholesalers are actually our direct customers.
In addition to that, James Lind organises in-store tasting campaigns.

Internationalisation strategy

Ongoing discussions to extend to Austria and then, to The Netherlands, France and other regions in Germany.
In a second step, James Lind plans to extend to Hong Kong, Taiwan and greater China with a new packaging.