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Christophe Honinckx


Management Executive with 15-years experience and a proven track record as Chief Financial Officer in the fashion retail, luxury goods and telecom services sectors, within corporate as well as startup structures

Cengiz Sen


An entrepreneur with many years of experience in running multiple gastronomy projects as well as developing theme gastronomy (e.g. salsa bar, Mexican restaurant, chicha bars) throughout Germany. Responsibility for multiple restaurants, strong experience on the purchasing and negotiating side with large beverage and food suppliers (e.g. Sodexo / Coca-Cola). very creative and out of the box thinking skills while extremely hands-on and willing to do what needs to be done in order to achieve the target. Fluent in German, Turkish, Azerbaijani as well as good English knowledge.

Tobias Tuttlies


An experienced entrepreneur with a focus on food and food-related projects. Many years of experience in trade of natural speciality & functional raw materials to food and nutraceutical companies worldwide. In-depth knowledge of food toll production market from snacks to beverage. Solid food development skills combined with strong communication capabilities. Fluent in English, German, Portuguese, improving his French while his Spanish is getting rusty.