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Market positioning

We are selling to large beverage wholesales who then redistribute to speciality stores and luxury gyms with the support of in-store tasting campaigns.

Market trends

Tea base beverages with natural ingredients are a megatrend within the beverage industry. Worldwide, teas are perceived as healthy products and we enhanced that by adding great tasting, popular juices and a pinch of 9 different vitamins. This way we created a new category of Vitamintea. A category that has a high health connotation and is perceived as a product with a high added value.


Not considering ice teas, since these are really products where loads of sugar play a key role, we only have one indirect competition on the German market called CharyTea, a Fair Trade beverage. CharyTea is marketed as a “better for the world” product. Although very successful we believe that this competition is useful since consumers are being sensitised for natural tea-based beverages.

There are other direct competitors, such as Arizona, Fuze Tea and TAO, but those are sweetened and there are no extra vitamins.

Considering the huge size of the market, the general consumer trends towards less sugar and more healthy beverages, we believe that James Lind VItamintea is at the right spot at the right time.