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Olive-based gin
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The idea originated at the olive groves of les Alpilles in France where the love for the region and especially the admiration for the passion of olive farmers created the idea to make a spirit based on olives.

BV O’live was founded in April 2018 with a unique product: O’live Gin, a gin based on pitted and dehydrated olives. This innovative product in terms of both taste and production method has given BV O’live the image of a creative company. The first product is an alcoholic beverage, but the intention is to expand the product range (including non-alcoholic products).

BV O’live is the only producer that works in this way: the olives are purchased in the Mediterranean area from local olive farmers who pit and dehydrate them. In Belgium the olives are used to create O'live Gin in a small artisan distillery.


The saturated market of spicy, bitter, sweet and floral gins has led BV O’live to develop an authentic supernatural gin based on dehydrated and pitted olives...

O’live Gin aims also be the first gin that can be consumed ‘pure’ and used in culinary preparations.

Offering a motivating, pleasant and familiar working environment to our own employees, forming a team with its own DNA: “the OLIVENIERS”.

Long term vision

Become the reference and the leader (nationally and internationally) within the spirits market and other olive-based drinks.


- The first product on the market is unique: its natural origin from fresh olives (no extracts) “supernatural”.
- On July 2019 O’live launched its own web shop along with a totally renewed website.
- In 2018 BV O’live enjoyed a jumpstart boosting sales of 9600 bottles in only 9 months of sales operation (kick-off 02/04/2018).
- O’live's business goal is to create a product portfolio centred around olives (beyond alcoholic beverages).

Goals of the funding round

O’live wants to raise between €50,000 and €200,000.

The funds will be used for:
- Research and Development to create new products to expand the portfolio
- Marketing for current and new product launches
- Create Brand awareness (nationally and internationally)
- Grow top-line based in 3 axes, with a growing team of human capital
(1) Repeat orders and extend their product offering to current customers,
(2) Expand the brand to other Belgian regions and explore new international markets
(3) New product introductions to enlarge their product offering