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Olive-based gin
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Griet Van Biervliet


Griet has been working for a telecom company for 23 years, where she follows up all HR-related matters and makes plans. She takes care of the invoicing and works together with a marketing agency to put our product in the spotlight in the right way.
Griet is assisted by her husband, who has been working in a financial institution for 25 years as an SME expert. He is responsible for the finances, of course, but also for the logistics activities of the company.

Sofie Gardyn


Sofie has had its own business for several years and runs it successfully.
As co-founder of O'live, she is mainly involved in marketing campaigns, social media, product innovations and also sits on the day-to-day board.
Sofie is assisted by a friend who has been working for a large Belgian company for years, where he is export manager. He therefore takes care of all foreign trade.
He is also a member of the executive board.

Steven Mattheeuws


Steven has 25 years of experience in sales, he knows how to close a deal. He follows up on the various freelance salesmen, gives them training and helps them with their planning.
Steve is also a Brand Ambassador for O'live Gin.