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Marketing strategy

At the end of 2018, BV O’live relied on a reputable marketing agency to get screened and come up with a marketing plan in order to know how they should present themselves. Strong investments must be made in marketing, both nationally and internationally in order to:
- Increase the awareness of O’live Gin
- Increase the online and offline presence of O’live Gin
- Attract new customers and increase recurring sales with existing customers.
That's why BV O’live is going to expand its marketing concept: O’live Gin as:
- An aperitif gin (gin and tonic and cocktails)
- A culinary gin (food pairing)
- A tasting gin (given the pure taste)
- A party gin.

Product strategy

O'live is going to broaden its product range, the 50cl bottle and the gift box will be complemented by
- A 5cl bottle
- Olive oil
- Alcohol-free Gin
- A second gift box at a lower price to attract both corporations as individuals
- A second gift box and ready-made cocktail.
To achieve this, the following actions are needed: create and design (through an advertising agency), purchase raw materials, hire new employees, develop packaging and marketing actions to improve brand awareness.

Distribution strategy

The target groups are:
- Large scale distributors in spirits, independent supermarkets, the hospitality sector, specialised liquor stores, private individuals, companies.
Their online sales through their web shop since have been optimised and complemented by:
- Sommeliers (for the aperitif and gin tasting)
- Chefs from the high class restaurants (aperitif, tasting and culinary gin)
- Bistros and restaurants (aperitif and culinary gin), lounge bars, hotel bars, beach bars, cocktail bars (aperitif and GIN tasting)
- Specialised web shops and wine merchants

International strategy

Sales have to be generated outside of Belgium. Europe and other continents are key for sustainable growth. In February 2019 O’live started investments and business developments abroad which resulted in a presence in: The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, France, Greece, UK, Spain & Thailand. These countries should receive further attention to grow their sales. To do so, brand awareness development and local marketing will be required.

Market trends

In 2018, total turnover of the gin-market was €147.5 million, an average of €12.85 per person. 8.69 million litters of gin was sold, an average of 0.76 litters per person. A turnover increase of 4% is expected for 2019, which should result in a total turnover of €155 million (an average of €13.39 per person).