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Historical accounts

opinum is resulting from the merger between The Smart Company, founded by Loic Bar and Decision Experts, founded by Jonathan Hubeau and Mark Turcksin. The Smart Company is where the original concept of opiSense was created, while Decision Experts was focusing on decision support for the pharmaceutical industry. Today, all efforts are put on the development of opiSense, hence the funds raising.

Our financial closing happens each year on June 30th, covering the 12 months before that. The first year of consolidated data was the year ending on June 30th, 2015. The data presented hereunder are provisional has they are currently being audited.

Sales turnover for the year ending in June 2015 are strongly influenced by the pharmaceutical consulting activity side. In these revenues, about 130.000 EUR can be attributed to opiSense and Energy Services.

Financial plan

The Financial plan has been structured with the help of Sambrinvest, with a focus on putting together the funds to develop the Sales and Marketing force as well as the R&D support to reach to break even.

Revenue drivers

Revenues are driven today mainly by measurement license fees and by services provided by opinum. As more features are being developed on the opiSense platform, more modules will be sold and change the revenue mix.

2016 revenues still reflect the past consulting experience of the Decision Experts component of opinum. Therefore, an exceptional revenue of 49,000 EUR is planned.

Cost drivers

Cost are mainly driven by personnel cost for development and sales and marketing. Some recurrent cost also comes from the cost to maintain the cloud infrastructure to store the data.

Financial tables

Break even volume

25,000 measurement points corresponding to more or less 8,000 buildings under management.

Break even year

1 April 2017