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You dream. We build.
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As long as there are huts deep in the woods, nothing will be completely lost.
— Sylvain Tesson


Back To Wood's main activity is to produce tailor-made wooden constructions: Tiny Houses, chalets, huts (for children), garden sheds, carports, poolhouses,... with, as a guiding principle, custom-made quality and professionalism of the team.

Back To Wood does everything to get its constructions as close as possible to its customers' dreams. The company offers a qualitative work while maintaining fair prices.

The key to Back To Wood's success lies in a founder who is passionate about wood materials. His passion for his job ensures quality and delighted customers (over 40)!


The current market is fragmented into 2 main categories:

  • The "cheap" kit constructions
  • High-end buildings such as English Heritage,... which are not financially affordable for the vast majority of people.

Back To Wood is positioned between these two types, much more qualitative than the "cheap standard" but less expensive than the very high end.


Back To Wood is located in the mid/top-of-the-range segment in order to satisfy customers who want to distinguish themselves from others with a custom-made, quality construction and who do not recognise themselves at all in the "cheap" segment. Nevertheless, our solution remains adapted to their needs and budget.

Commercial strategy

The business strategy consists of 3 main principles:

  • ADWORDS campaigns (Google). After 18 months, the success of these campaigns is tangible. Back To Wood is one of the few Belgian mid/top-of-the-range players to promote this channel. The company therefore stands out from its competitors, who remain very "local" or non-existent on this type of promotion. On this channel, Back To Wood competes with players such as MAKRO, BRICO.
  • The address book (network) of the founders and the team. The passion that drives the team is felt during meetings and gives confidence to the network.
  • With an irreproachable experience and reputation, word of mouth is being established with satisfied customers.

Internationalization strategy

The objective is to focus on Brussels and Wallonia until 2020. Then Flanders, Northern France and Luxembourg. A project has already been carried out in France, south of Paris: an isolated chalet on stilts with a terrace.

Main contracts

Back To Wood signed 24 contracts in 2019 for a total value of €485,000

  • 2 chalets (€43k)
  • 5 carports (€95k)
  • 3 garden shreds (€14k)
  • 1 covered terrace (€28k)
  • 3 garages (€40k)
  • 1 cantine&terrace (€54k)
  • 2 portals (€30k)
  • 2 luxury huts on stilts (€150k)
  • Others: Beehive shelters, Terrace height, Poolhouse,... (€30k)Tiny Houses, chalets, huts (for children), garden sheds, carports, poolhouses