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StartupVie 1A

Tax Shelter
Equity Belgium
A new media: 100% start-ups, 100% no-bullshit
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33 days
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57% funded


There are 2,000 start-ups in Belgium, and 100,000 in Europe for more than 500 investment funds (top tier). The growing share of the economy represented by start-ups has not yet resulted in any of Europe’s leading media covering start-ups. Above and beyond start-ups and funds, one of the company’s main targets is also corporates who need to innovate or who need to talk about innovation. These are the major groups that are targeted first. Startup Vie launched initially in Belgium and will launch later in France.


  • Frenchweb, Madyness. French media sources in a mostly written format. Corporate tone.LN24, BFMTV generalist media source with eco section. Again a corporate tone, and videos but they aren’t very suited to social networks. Average audience: age 55
  •, a European site on start-ups, funded by the Financial Times. 100% written. Focus is at European level. Startup Vie wants a strong presence at a national level in each country but with no global site in Europe
  • Brut. general media for ages 15-25. Just raised 40 million to spread to the United States and India. Media is reinventing itself... Now is the time!


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