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A new media: 100% start-ups, 100% no-bullshit
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Every investment decision must be based on an examination of an exhaustive set of information provided by the entrepreneur on his online profile. Spreds only proceeds to a limited verification of this information and does not control the investment opportunity within this company. Spreds did not verify the extent to which the business plan is deemed realistic and does not intervene in determining the final terms of the investment, including the retained maximum valuation. Spreds will align itself with the financial terms negotiated with the co-investor(s).

Please note that the total amount of the offer is capped at EUR 200,000, calculated on a period of twelve months, and that each investor may respond to the offer for an amount of EUR 5,000 maximum.

A no-bullshit media about start-ups

An inspiring but uncompromising 100% video/audio media on the joys and difficulties of the entrepreneur journey.

- enable everyone to start a business by having access to the insights and best practices of the best entrepreneurs;
- feature new types of role models (the average CEO of a European startup is 80% of the time a 35-year-old man with a university degree);
- boost the Belgian entrepreneurial ecosystem.

This media addresses 4 challenges:

- The need for start-ups to communicate

They are recruiting, launching new products, opening new markets and raising funds. Even if start-up coverage is improving in mainstream media, there still isn’t enough of it. Above all, the educational tone doesn’t suit the start-up sector whose DNA is more vibrant. And lastly, younger generations find information by watching videos from Konbini, Brut and Quotidien on their smartphones. There’s no start-up info out there in this form (financial info mainly in written form).

- Open up the field of possibilities

In order to attract more people to entrepreneurship, other audiences must be sought, using new formats and new ways of informing people, other than the individual who is over-represented in the world of start-ups: the 35-year-old academic white male (80% of CEOs in Europe)

- Corporates need innovation

Industries are undergoing profound transformations as professions go digital. These companies need to build bridges with the start-up ecosystem to bring innovation into their midst and to recruit future employees.

- VCs need dealflow

The investor profession is undergoing profound changes. There is great competition between funds for the best start-ups. How do you stand out from the competition? By providing relevant content for the start-up community that will enable the fund to attract the best gold nuggets.


This formula was able to be successfully tested from January to June. Significant impact on the ecosystem (number of views, revenue, etc.). The project is led by entrepreneurs from the ecosystem and the sector’s key players actively collaborate in the project.

Startup Vie Meet-ups: with inspiring CEOs live on Facebook. Adrien Roose (Cowboy); Mathieu de Lophem (Deliveroo), Anthony Bourbon (Feed), Dimitri De Boose (Bsit), Fabian Pinckaers (Odoo), Julien Penders (Bloomlife) Emna Everard (Kazidomi) etc.

Meet A VC: 2 start-ups pitch in front of top VCs. The investment committee and the VC profession are demystified. Each time, You will see a Belgian and a European and only the best are featured (Serena Capital, Kima Ventures, Mangrove, Efounders, IDinvest, Digital-Attraxion)

News: Every Thursday at 9:30 am, 5 minutes of news from Belgian start-ups/funds/operators. 100% Belgian.