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StartupVie 1A

Tax Shelter
Equity Belgium
A new media: 100% start-ups, 100% no-bullshit
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Pre money valuation
Equity offered
Amount raised
Committed by co-investors
33 days
Minimum target
57% funded

Thierry Huart-Eeckhoudt


Thierry created and produced TV for RTBF for 5 years (1001 Belgians). This was the first RTBF format that was sold internationally.
After being a start-up coach for two years, he is now investing for Digital-Attraxion in seed stage start-ups (up to 100k)


This business qualifies for the startup tax shelter. If you meet the conditions, 45% of your investment will be reducted from your personal income taxes. Read more…
Please note €167,400 remains available for Tax Shelter investments.