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We believe that the world is a better place when people feel better in their bodies and minds, when they are aware that they can have an impact on the world around them, and they are inspired and inspiring. Yoga awakens this person in each of us.

To promote this vision, we try to make yoga accessible to the greatest number of people possible:

  • professionalising yoga with a business which is profitable and therefore sustainable;
  • making yoga fun by demystifying it, and making a goal out of the spiritual element surrounding it, and not a starting point;
  • practicing Yoga in inspiring spaces, which are refreshing and fully equipped and where you feel good.


Europe and its people have never had as much need to give meaning to their lives. The incessant debates, articles and programs on the problems of burnout, stress, a balanced life, etc. prove this. Yoga is often put forward as one of the solutions to these everyday worries and therefore has a very sizeable press coverage. As a result, the demand for yoga classes is high but the quality offering is still small (see Market share).


Yoga Room is a concept which aims to offer Brussels yoga studios (5) worthy of a European capital. Inspired by our last eight years in Shanghai, we offer:

  • a modern approach to yoga, which is sporty and varied,
  • through instructors with international yoga experience,
  • in contemporary and spacious studios, well equipped with ventilation and sanitation.

In the medium term, Yoga Room plans to open a dozen studios across Belgium, including 5 in Brussels, 3 on the outskirts of Brussels, 2 in Ghent, and 2 in Antwerp.

Plans & 3D du Studio #1

Our Team

Marketing strategy

The Marketing strategy is organized in 2 steps:
1) Being seen and favourably viewed
2) Inspiring the urge to start
=> (1) Being seen and favourably viewed in order to make Yoga Room known to the public.
To do this, we must have:
a) A quality image: to give yoga a fun and laid back feel (modern website, creative advertising, etc.) similar to what we achieved in Shanghai -
b) A quantitative presence: systematically being the reference studio on different search tools and in the media.
- 1st hit for all "Yoga” searches on Google and Yahoo in Belgium (SEO).
- Quality presence on social networks (FaceBook, instagram, etc.)
Presence in magazines (specialist press agency).
- The organization in Brussels of free events dedicated to yoga (yoga happiness tour, offbeat yoga, yoga for runners, etc).
=> (2) Inspiring the urge to start
a) Discovery card for 22 Euros: unlimited access for 10 days to allow members to find what they enjoy.
b) "Friends” card: if a friend encourages another friend to join, they will both pay half price.
c) Partnerships with nearby businesses: Yoga Room offers a discovery class at 50% for any purchases over X Euros. The card is offered to businesses.

Distribution strategy

The distribution strategy is based on a twofold approach:
- - At the individual level, our communication strategy is based on the principle that it is effective, that we are encouraging people to sign up and that they have enjoyed their discovery experience; it is more appropriate therefore to talk about customer loyalty rather than sales. To do this, it is important to have a person dedicated to monitoring new clients in order to convert them into members.
- At the business level, we will establish partnerships with businesses willing to offer gifts to their members or clients. Therefore, a dedicated sales representative will be responsible for cold calling all Brussels companies to propose specific programs to businesses.
We will also set up a number of partnerships with companies organizing business events.

Internationalisation strategy

We believe the Belgian market can assimilate 15 studios, including 5 in Brussels.
Our goal is to open three studios in Brussels in the next 36 months.
We already have a lease (signature pending) for a magnificent space in Waterloo with a floor space of 300 m2. A location in the neighbourhood of the European Commission is also being investigated.

Intellectual Property

The Trademark application is underway.