Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Spreds offer project owners?

1. Opportunity to raise funds

Spreds gives project owners the opportunity to raise funds with the public. The project owners can advertise the fundraising opportunity to their own networks and Spreds can create visibility within its community of more than 45 000 potential investors. Spreds will try to match the interests of both parties. 

2. Marketing and promotion

Spreds will promote the crowdfunding campaigns to its members and followers through two different channels: newsletter and social media (Facebook and LinkedIn).

Spreds will also reactivate members who have started a transaction in a campaign but who are yet to finalize their payment.
Spreds will sometimes also use paid advertising to promote a campaign.

Project owners promote their campaign to their networks, through a mailing, social media posts, a banner on their website or any other promotional means.

3. Spreds Finance: crowd management and representation

By representing the investors, Spreds eases the investor management process for project owners - who can trust Spreds to manage the crowd for them rather than dealing with hundreds of contacts. Project owners will only have to deal and communicate with one party: Spreds Finance.

By representing the crowd, Spreds Finance will:

  •  manage the closing at the notary with the project owner or sign the loan agreement;
  •  handle and generate all tax shelter attestations for the crowd;
  •  handle questions from the investors;
  •  organize general meetings when the patrimonial rights of the investors are impacted;
  •  organize the exercise of preferential rights with existing Spreds investors during future financing rounds
  •  organize the exit of a Spreds Finance investment;
  •  handle the payments of interests, dividends or the sales proceeds in case of an exit; and
  •  take care of investors management (Note transfers in case of investor’s death or sale of Note, etc).