Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to raise funds through Spreds?

Spreds offers its eFundraising platform to ambitious projects to enable them to manage their investors efficiently, flexibly and securely, regardless of their number or type (crowd, local community, customers, employees, business angels, FFF, ...) and this for half the traditional costs! 


  1. We transform the information destined to investors in a regulatory compliant document and make sure that the information process of the investors is correctly handled.
  2. We give you an easy way to direct investors to said information.
  3. We give access to 45k+ investors.
  4. We offer the transactional infrastructure and services, handling all KYC (Know Your Customer) and transactional operations of the investors, including payments.
  5. We offer the investors pooling infrastructure and services and therefore: 
    • Prepare, review and sign all the necessary documentation for the notary closing for the investors;
    • Manage the investors during the entire duration of the investment (general assemblies,etc.)

The following fees apply when raising funds with Spreds:

  1. Fees at the signing of the agreement. These are non refundable and consist of:
    • A fixed fee (for all campaigns)
    • Optional fees: linked to the public aspect of the campaign, the translations offered by Spreds and/or a professional investors mailing.
  2. Fees at the successful closing of the round: 
    • Administrative fee (for all campaigns)
    • Success fee (only if more than €200,000 are raised and differs between debt and equity campaigns)
    • Other optional fees may apply based at the request of the project owner
  3. Management fees:
    • Pooling fee (for all campaigns where Spreds Finance was used): based on the number of investors 
    • Tax shelter attestation fee (for tax shelter campaigns only): for the legal documentation and follow-up related to tax shelter investments
    • Other optional fees may apply based at the request of the project owner