Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to invest on Spreds?

There are two ways of investing on Spreds: by investing in a loan to an established company or by investing in the equity of high potential startups.

Investing in a loan to SME's is free of charge for investors. The interest rate shown on the platform is net of Spreds fees (but gross of the withholding tax). 

For investing in the equity of a startup via Spreds' platform, Spreds Finance SA/NV will charge a 5% subscription fee on each investment (the project owner has firs the opportunity to let his network invest at a preferential rate of 3%).
Investments made through our Tracers will be subject to a subscription fee of 4% (instead of 5%). The subscription to a Tracer costs €100.

On very successful equity investments, a performance fee will be withheld from the capital gain realised. This aligns both your interests and Spreds Finance SA/NV's interests during the follow-up of your investment. This performance fee will only be withheld if a capitalized return of at least 5% per year has been realised by the investor and is applied to the amount subscribed. Spreds Finance SA/NV will then retain 20% of the amount of the capital gain in excess of the 5% capitalised annual return (indicated as the Priority Amount in the information document provided to investors, such as the key investment information sheet).