Frequently Asked Questions

What are the risks linked to Spreds or Spreds Finance?

Risk of insolvency of Spreds Finance

What happens if Spreds Finance ceases to be able to pay its debts ?

This risk is quite theoretical, as Spreds Finance does not have other creditors than the investors linked to compartments.

However, in theory, what would happen? The assets in the compartments are legally protected from the bankruptcy of Spreds Finance and belong to their investors only. The assets are thus safe. If the manager of Spreds Finance (Spreds) would have difficulties, this may make the reimbursement more complicated (see below Risk of insolvency or disappearance of Spreds). However, the board of directors of Spreds Finance (or the person designated to liquidate Spreds) would then need to take over. Companies invested in by Spreds Finance pay annual fees to cover the costs associated with the management of the compartments.

Risk of insolvency or disappearance of Spreds

If Spreds disappears (due to insolvency), your investment is still safe (see above Risk of insolvency of Spreds Finance) but Spreds will not be able to manage the compartment anymore. But Spreds Finance will still be able to manage that compartment, as explained in that section.