Frequently Asked Questions

How can I resell my investment?

There are two possibilities to resell your participation, the first being the most frequent and the initial objective of the investment.

1) Your investment is repaid at its term

If it is an investment in a loan granted to a company, this investment naturally comes to an end when the last capital repayment has been made.
If it is an investment in shares issued by a company, the term of the investment will come to an end when the shares are sold, either because the company is bought out, because its shares are listed on the stock exchange, or because the shares held in your name are resold. In all cases, you will be able to decide, together with the other crowd investors (except in case of application of a so-called "drag along" clause). Often, other investors (so-called professionals) will have taken the initiative to sell their shares (having negotiated this sale) and you will have the opportunity to sell under the same conditions. On average, this takes 5 to 8 years, but it can be sooner or later.

However, in unfortunate cases, the investment may come to an end due to the bankruptcy of the company. In this case, you risk losing your entire investment.

2) You find yourself a buyer for your Participatory Notes

At any time, it is possible to sell your Participatory Note(s) to a third party. However, Spreds does not organize a secondary market for this. You can find a buyer yourself, with whom you agree on a selling price. We will provide you with a standard contract to govern this sale, after which you ask us to update the Notes Register to reflect this change in ownership.