Frequently Asked Questions

What is the procedure to invest in a company?

To invest in a project just follow the following procedure:

① Log in (if you are already a member) or create your account (if you are not yet a member). If you are not yet a member, you will be asked to take a short test to evaluate your investment knowledge and experience. This will also be the case if you took this test too long ago (it should be updated regularly);

② Choose the company you want to invest in;

③ Click the "Invest" button on the page of the chosen company;

④ Enter the amount you wish to invest;

⑤ Fill in all the requested information;

⑥ Indicate the desired payment method:

  • Payment by card;
  • Payment by bank transfer (from 2000 €);
  • Online payment (up to €25,000)

⑦ Read the Key Investment Information Sheet and confirm your investment;

⑧ Make the payment following the instructions carefully. If you pay by wire transfer, follow the instructions received by email: correctly indicate the structured communication (each subscription has its own structured communication).