Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I change my mind or don't like one of the companies in the Tracer? Can I withdraw from the investment?

Once your Tracer identifies an investment opportunity that meets the predefined criteria, you will be notified directly by email and we will give you 4 days to inform you and allow you to withdraw from the investment before the direct debit process begins. You will then have a further 15 days (after the direct debit process has started) to consult the documentation provided to you in order to decide whether or not you wish to withdraw from the investment. If you decide to withdraw, the amount charged will be refunded to you at the end of the withdrawal period (following the end of the additional 15 days).

It is also possible that the minimum investment amount in a proposed company is not reached. In this case, the financing will be cancelled and the investments made will be refunded.

Spreds will offer you an opportunity to replace investments you retracted from, whenever possible (which is not always the case at the end of the year). So it may be that if you want to invest €10,000 to get a tax reduction of €4,500 and finally decide to withdraw from an investment opportunity without replacing it, resulting in only receiving a tax reduction on €9,000 and therefore €4,050.

You can also ask to withdraw for all subsequent investments. In this case, we will not send you any more opportunities and the direct debit will no longer be activated.