Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my participatory notes are resold before the end of the 4 years?

Being eligible for the Tax Shelter, a campaign has allowed you to benefit from a tax reduction on your investment. However, this reduction is only guaranteed on a pro rata temporis basis of the holding of the shares (the maximum amount required being 4 years). In other words, if you sell your participative notes or if the shares in which you have invested are sold, you will no longer be able to benefit from the Tax Shelter reduction for the remaining period.


You invest €1,000 in a company eligible for Tax Shelter. You can reduce your taxes by €450 the year following your investment. The shares are sold after 2 years. The tax reduction will be resumed the year after the sale of the shares, for an amount of 225 € (i.e. 24/48). The pro rata calculation is done per month.

Please note that you will have to indicate in your next year's tax return under code 1328 of section X that you have sold your shares, for which Spreds will of course provide you with a certificate of share transfer to complete your income tax return.