Tracers: build your portfolio by investing in multiple start-ups

Looking to diversify your assets by investing in promising start-ups in an innovative way?

What is a Tracer?

A Tracer is an innovative tool helping you build a diversified portfolio of start-ups. Thanks to the Tracer you will be able to invest in a predefined number of businesses that fit a set of objective criteria. While being hands-off, you retain full control over every investment.

A convenient way to invest

By subscribing to a Tracer, you get the opportunity to invest in the next companies matching the criteria of that Tracer.

Privileged access

Through our Tracers, we are booking you a seat in each investment opportunity offered.

Full control

You maintain full control over your investments thanks to an opt-out option (for each investment) and 24/7 access to your online portfolio.

Portfolio creation

Through our Tracers, every investor can easily minimise his risk exposure by investing in different start-ups. Even though many start-ups fail, some make it big and provide potentially meaningful returns for its investors.

Our Tracers

Investment process

  1. Select your Tracer

    Choose the Tracer that suits you and click “Subscribe”!

  2. Sign in / Create an account

    Sign in with your account or become a member for free.

  3. Decide on the total amount you wish to invest in start-ups

    You will be allowed to invest this amount in a selection of start-ups offered by the Tracer. Ex: if you wish to invest a total of €10,000 a Tracer containing 10 investment opportunities, you will be investing €1,000 in each start-up.

  4. Setting up the direct debit process

    By sharing your banking information and accepting the terms of your subscription mandate, you will be activating the payment process for future direct debits (domiciliation). Making the process more convenient.

  5. Welcome to Tracers

    After paying your subscription fees, you will officially be subscribed and have privileged access to the next investment opportunities fitting the criteria of your Tracer.

  6. Your first investment opportunity

    In the coming weeks we will share with you your first investment opportunity. You will then have 4 days to learn more about the start-up and, if you wish, opt-out of the opportunity before the beginning of the direct debit process.

  7. Direct debit

    Once these 5 days have passed, the direct debit (domiciliation) process will start. Spreds will retrieve the corresponding amount from your bank account and will leave you 14 extra days to take some time to learn more about the opportunity and decide whether you wish to invest or not.

  8. End of the opt-out period

    If you have decided to opt-out during these 14 days (after the domiciliation process), we will reimburse the corresponding amount to your bank account at the end of the aforementioned period.