Tax Shelter Tracer

Lower your taxes for 2022

What is the Tax Shelter Tracer?

The Tax Shelter Tracer is an automated portfolio which will allow any Belgian taxpayer to invest a minimum of €10,000 in 10 Tax Shelter companies and to get back at least €4,500 through their 2022 tax return.

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45% tax reduction

Get 45% of your investment back through tax reduction (we take care of all the necessary documentation).

Privileged access and pricing

Book your seat to invest in the next 10 Tax Shelter eligible start-ups at a lowered subscription fee of 4%.

Full Control

You maintain full control over your investments thanks to an opt-out option (for each investment) and 24/7 access to your online portfolio.

Possible return on investment

An average of 40% of young companies go bankrupt after 3 years while 30% make an interesting exit after 5 years (×5 the investors’ initial investment). The remaining 30% are still operational but investors do not gain any profit (×1 the investors’ initial investment).

Based on this data, including the subscription and setup fee, we can calculate your theoretical return on investment of your Tax Shelter Tracer.

If you invest €10,000 in 10 companies, meaning €1,000 per company, with the benefit of a 45% tax deduction thanks to the Tax Shelter, you could benefit from a net capital gain of €11,429.

Investment Amount Exit type Year Multiple
#1 €1,000 Bankrupt 3 0.0×
#2 €1,000 Bankrupt 3 0.0×
#3 €1,000 Bankrupt 3 0.0×
#4 €1,000 Bankrupt 3 0.0×
#5 €1,000 Average 6 1.0×
#6 €1,000 Average 6 1.0×
#7 €1,000 Average 6 1.0×
#8 €1,000 Success 5 5.0×
#9 €1,000 Success 5 5.0×
#10 €1,000 Success 5 5.0×

Return on Investment: €11,429

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does this service cost?

    A limited and non-refundable set-up fee is requested for subscribing to a Tracer (€100). This fee covers the service and the access to exclusive investment opportunities.

    For each investment in a start-up, a subscription fee (4%) will be applied to cover the management of your investment.

  2. What is the Tax Shelter Tracer?

    By subscribing to this Tax Shelter Tracer 2022 today, you get the opportunity to book your seat in the next 10 Tax Shelter eligible investments and lower your 2022 taxes.

  3. What is Tax Shelter?

    The tax shelter for startups is a new incentive to encourage entrepreneurship. By investing in eligible startups, get back 25%, 30% or 45% of your investment through tax reduction.

    For more information, see our dedicated ebook on the subject.

  4. How does the Tax Shelter timing work?

    If you subscribe today to the Tax Shelter Tracer 2022, you will benefit from this fiscal advantage (and get back 45% of your investment through tax reduction) on your 2022 fiscal year because the purpose of this Tracer is to invest in ten start-ups that are Tax Shelter eligible during the year 2022.

    So when filling in your tax report in 2023 (based on your 2022 revenues), you will be able to enjoy tax reduction thanks to your Tracer.

    Please note that the decisive moment is not the moment you subscribe to the Tracer nor the moment when the money is withdrawn from your account but it is the moment when the money has been invested in the start-up, when the notary finalises the capital increase. In any case, Spreds ensures that the 10 key dates (10 notary closings) take place during the 2022 fiscal year.

  5. What’s the difference between the Tax Shelter Tracer and the other Tracers?

    Each Tracer has its own set of characteristics.

    This Tracer enables investors to create of a portfolio of investments in 10 Tax Shelter eligible startups eligible meeting certain criteria.

    To be eligible for Tax Shelter, a startup must have been established in the last 4 years (48 months). The companies present in the Tax Shelter Tracer will therefore probably only be companies in the “startup phase”. On the one hand, the risk of bankruptcy is therefore greater, but on the other hand, there also is a possibility of strong growth in the event of a positive market return.

    The startups selected for the Tax Shelter Tracer will all have to meet a set of specific characteristics in order to ensure that they meet the criteria of the Tracer.

  6. How can I reduce my taxes?

    By investing via Spreds in crowdfunding campaigns eligible for Tax Shelter, you can benefit from a tax reduction of up to €45,000 each year!

    For more information, see our dedicated ebook on the subject.

More questions? Visit our complete FAQ.