Tax Shelter Tracer

Lower your taxes for 2023

What is the Tax Shelter Tracer?

The Tax Shelter Tracer is an automated portfolio which will allow any Belgian taxpayer to invest a minimum of €10,000 in 10 Tax Shelter companies and to get back at least €4,500 through their 2023 tax return.

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45% tax reduction

Get 45% of your investment back through tax reduction (we take care of all the necessary documentation).

Privileged access and pricing

Book your seat to invest in the next 10 Tax Shelter eligible start-ups at a lowered subscription fee of 4%.

Full Control

You maintain full control over your investments thanks to an opt-out option (for each investment) and 24/7 access to your online portfolio.

Possible return on investment

An average of 40% of young companies go bankrupt after 3 years while 20% make an interesting exit after 5 years (×7 the investors’ initial investment). The remaining 40% are still operational but investors do not gain any profit (×1 the investors’ initial investment).

Based on this data, including the subscription fee (4%) and setup fee (€100), we can calculate your theoretical return on investment of your Tax Shelter Tracer.

If you invest €10,000 in 10 companies, meaning €1,000 per company, with the benefit of a 45% tax deduction thanks to the Tax Shelter, you could benefit from a net capital gain of €11,429 - or x2.14 your initial investment.

Investment Amount Exit type Year Multiple
#1 €1,000 Bankrupt 3
#2 €1,000 Bankrupt 3
#3 €1,000 Bankrupt 3
#4 €1,000 Bankrupt 3
#5 €1,000 Average 6
#6 €1,000 Average 6
#7 €1,000 Average 6
#8 €1,000 Success 5
#9 €1,000 Success 5
#10 €1,000 Success 5

Net capital gain: €11,429