Spreds' Green Bonds

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Spreds’ Green Bonds is the most efficient way to finance your green project and at the same time promote your project among a network of people.

Which type of Green Projects are eligible?

Any type of project that has a positive impact on the environment or on the climate: wind farms, solar panels, energy efficient buildings, e-mobility, biomass, hydrogeneration, cogeneration, water, forest and more. 


  • Easy access to the regulated platform.
  • Compliant with the new Company Law for Cooperatives.
  • Spreds acts as a single legal shareholder on behalf of your investors through an SPV (special purpose vehicle), Spreds Finance. 
  • Flexible features adapted to your specific campaign (target audience, min/max amount to raise, duration, etc). 
  • Spreds launches a participative campaign, either in a private mode (accessible to selected investors only) or in a public mode (accessible to all investors) and collects the money for you.
  • Automation of the following functionalities: 
    • Regulatory management: KYC, Compliance, Public Information Notes.
    • Transactions management: Collections, Payments, Securitization, Interest calculations.
    • Investor management: Identification, Direct Contact, Dashboard, Registry, Pooling vehicle.
    • Asset management for investors: Deal flow, Selection, Closing, Portfolio management. 

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