Inventures II: not your typical Impact Venture Capital fund

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As a new investment opportunity in the TONIIC network, Inventures II has officially confirmed its ability to generate a measurable positive impact on the world and is getting noticed for its unique Impact Investing model.

Inventures II SDG Growth is a Venture Capital fund that invests early stage capital in smart and innovative European SMEs addressing at least one Sustainable Development Goal drafted by the United Nations. 

But even though Inventures II may seem like your typical Venture Capital fund, it possesses a unique characteristic that sets it apart from all the others: the integration of a crowdfunding platform to its sourcing process. 

Indeed, on top of its more classic methods of sourcing, Inventures II relies on crowdfunding through its association with tour platform which acts as a pipeline for the fund and enables the democratisation of Impact Investing.

This method of sourcing is truly a first when it comes to VC funds and has major advantages for all parties involved: 

1. Benefits for the fund

First, a crowdfunding platform like MyMicroInvest acts as a sort of vacuum for interesting projects and Inventures II has the ability to access an important deal flow and hence has the luxury to detect the best opportunities and can select only the start-ups having a focus on long-term sustainability.

Secondly, each crowdfunding campaign acts as a market-appetite barometer that decreases one of the top 3 risks when it comes to start-up investing: the product/market fit failure. Thanks to a round of crowdfunding, Inventures II can actually see which company has traction and which one doesn’t (thanks to the validation of the crowd) before deciding to invest in it.

2. Benefits for the start-up

This collaboration between crowdfunding and Venture Capital helps start-ups that are looking for financial support to access an additional source of funding while benefiting from collective intelligence and creating a community of ambassadors.

3. Benefits for the crowd

Inventures II truly empowers citizenship co-investments through our platform and democratises Impact Investing (accessible investment from €100). This trend has become more and more visible on our platform:

The demand (from our investors) for start-ups offering sustainable solutions has risen since our collaboration with Inventures II
- Olivier de Duve, CEO of MyMicroInvest

Furthermore, the presence of Inventures II as a professional co-investor in a start-up has created a sense of trust and reliability in each deal the investors are engaging in.

To illustrate this unique collaboration, the successful campaign of British company: Social Stock Exchange, raised an incredible amount thanks to MyMicroInvest investors and the Impact VC fund Inventures: £286,900 were invested by members of the crowd and £900,000 were financed by professional investors including Inventures.

The Social Stock Exchange’s mission and vision is to revitalise existing capital markets, and change the way these markets work to serve society’s purpose. How? By giving investors who value both social impact an opportunity, empowering them to connect their financial activities and liquidity with positive-impact markets and communities working towards a prosocial, sustainable global economy. 

In conclusion, by uniting these two power players that are MyMicroInvest and Inventures II, impact investing has become more accessible and more present in the financial landscape than ever before. This model has also helped different types of networks to meet and to connect, creating unlikely relationships leading to surprising collaborations.