Rejuvenation Nations: Finding Europe’s Fountain of Youth with MyMicroInvest

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Adapted from José Zurstrassen’s talk at Crowdsourcing Week 2015.

We live in an old Europe. Our economy is ageing, and we need to rejuvenate it. In plain English: We need to find our fountain of youth. Why? Because rejuvenation holds the key to sustained profitability.

So, where do we start?

European economies have noticeably aged over time, so the only way to create tomorrow’s economies today is by innovating new companies and sharing value.

This is something we can do together, through crowdsourcing in general and crowdfunding in particular.

But there’s a catch.

If we need to innovate new companies to rejuvenate the Old Continent, how do we get there knowing that Europe is home to so few start-ups?

Involving crowds = Decreased risk = Innovation = Rejuvenation

Entrepreneurship in Europe is an interestingly rare occurrence. The statistics are actually quite appalling, but suffice it to say that the reason there aren’t any entrepreneurs in Europe is because of one big obstacle.

Risk. How do we decrease risk? With capital.

The institutions, though, are not kind to start-ups looking for capital, and friends, family and fools will only get you so far. But if a crowd of 1,500 people collectively backs your project, then your project is worth something, because it’s telling the world, “This is a project people believe in.”

And when crowds assess the validity and viability of your project, you’re reducing risk because they’re defining your market. A successful crowdfunding campaign proves that you have something that’s marketable, and if we can get thousands of people behind thousands of projects this way, we can involve millions in the rejuvenation process of our economy.

Crowdsourcing innovates economic leadership, and that’s what crowdfunding is all about – decreasing the risk inherent to creating value by empowering crowds hungry for innovation and rejuvenation.

Putting your money to work

But crowdfunding is also, if we’re honest, about using your money.

Europe is a rich continent. There are 507 million of us, and we have the highest savings rate on the planet. We have 9,000 billion euros, i.e. 9 trillion euros, sitting in savings and cash accounts across the continent.

We’re not talking about investments or securities, or real-estate, insurance and lifelong savings accounts. We’re talking about 9 trillion euros sitting in cash and savings accounts, untapped and virtually untouched.

The whole idea of crowdsourcing and crowdfunding our economy of tomorrow today is to make that money work for you instead of the other way around.

Because, let’s face it, your money is sleeping.

When you read that bank statement from your savings account, your money is looking at you and saying, “Use me! I’m not here to sleep – I’m here to power the economy of tomorrow.”

Your money is asleep and unhappy, but that’s no reason you should be.

Use your money, and you too can rejuvenate the Old Continent through crowdfunding, with MyMicroInvest at the helm.

How can MyMicroInvest help?

What does MyMicroInvest offer in terms of sharing value?

Even though MyMicroInvest is a commercial company, sharing value is very much part of its DNA.

José Zurstrassen, Belgian entrepreneur turned serial investor and president of MyMicroInvest, says:

Crowdfunding is about changing the world. It’s about innovating companies that, individually, add value to each layer of the European economic tissue.But to get there, we need entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs who think locally, but act globally. This is the new entrepreneurship adventure. Where we once ventured into unknown and uncharted territory through exploration, we are now crossing the jungle of constant ideation. Entrepreneurship is the terra incognita of our day.

The Old Continent is ready to cross that jungle of entrepreneurship and live a new adventure of economic rejuvenation by innovating new ideas and transforming visions into reality.

MyMicroInvest helps you get there. As Europe’s leading crowdfunding platform, we are your partner for the rejuvenation of our nations.