Spreds | Corporate Venturing

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Spreds is offering you the opportunity to easily navigate the Corporate Venturing world by entering its unique programme and accessing interesting young companies.

Who is Spreds?

Spreds has developed the first fully regulated platform supervised by the FSMA that combines an online digital investment portfolio and an accredited, tax transparent and compartmentalized legal structure, already supporting more than 140 start-ups. 

How does Spreds' "Corporate Venturing" works?

Spreds Corporate Venturing is a service that enables large companies to automatise all Corporate Venturing tasks (administrative, legal or financial) through an easy to use platform and to access a sourcing of unique young companies.
 Spreds allows you to structure the investments that you wish to make in start-ups and scale-ups by making use of its financing vehicle, Spreds Finance, that creates compartmentalised investments. 


  • helps you define the parameters (objectives, selection criteria of targets, etc),
  • creates your documentation and identifies the market,
  • organises with you the call for project
  • closes the investments with representation at the notary and signing of all relevant documents,
  • manages your investments through the platform.


  • define your strategy,
  • choose the start-ups or scale-ups you are interested in,
  • identify challengers/ideas to the companies,
  • participate in the governance of the companies for a better follow-up,
  • partner/integrate/buy the company in case of success.


  • Spreds can organise the call for project and attract start-ups or scale-upts for you,
  • Spreds can organise investments with eternal parties like your employees or your clients.