Startup Success Stories | Creo² & Opinum

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Hi and welcome to our success story highlights, where we feature businesses that successfully secured funds on our platform! Kicking off this new series are Creo² and Opinum, two B2B startups that went from idea to launch in Belgium, and beyond.

Opinum: From disruptor to game changer

He's barely 28 and already has three successful startups under his belt. Meet Loïc Bar, CEO of Opinum.

A Liège native, Computer Science grad and author of four books, Loïc founded Opinum in 2015 and has since convinced the likes of EDF Luminus, Proximus and, of course, MyMicroInvest, to support his dream: a money-saving energy-management app called Opisense that automatically tracks and measures energy consumption data.

With revenue figures expected to exceed 600,000 euros in 2017, Opinum has raised some 150,000 Million euros in fresh funds on our platform and struck a strategic partnership with Proximus. The Belgian telecom operator will deploy Opisense to analyse the energy-consumption patterns of 14,000 households across Belgium and, based on these data, roll out IoT applications that will allow customers to save money on energy. In short: a win-win situation.

Opinum's exclusive partnership with Proximus not only demonstrates the importance of Opisense, but also how crowdfunding can be leveraged to boost market penetration. Things aren't slowing down for Opinum, though, as the startup is breaking new ground in France. From small beginnings come great things!

Creo²: Social entrepreneurship done right

Creo² was launched just over a year ago by Maxime, Thomas and Robin, three engineers turned entrepreneurs with one goal in mind: to strengthen charity and commerce at the local level.

Creo²'s tablets are becoming a familiar sight in socially responsible shops, found on counters allowing customers to donate a small amount of their purchases to reputable charities and NGOs. Their micro-donations appear on these tablets and can be followed in real-time across social media using a unique tracker ID, at no extra charge.

"Creo² is our way of contributing to a more inclusive, giving society", says Maxime, one of the company's co-founders. "We've developed partnerships with 80 social enterprises across Belgium, including sporting goods megastore Decathlon, and are looking to expand across Europe, the US and Canada."

Thanks to a 200,000 euro boost in funding on MyMicroInvest, plus a 100,000 euro loan from the Walloon government, Creo² is rapidly multiplying sales outlets, hoping to reach a total of 350 stores by early 2017 both within and outside our borders.

From our team to theirs, we wish them all the best!