Tax Shelter 2017: What you need to know

— Investment tips — 2 minutes read

Starting 2017, investing in growth businesses on MyMicroInvest will become a lot easier and attractive! Let’s talk about the tax shelter and what this means for you.

Back in July 2015, the Belgian government implemented a series of tax incentives for investors to fund entrepreneurs and their SMEs. As of February 2017, these incentives will legally include crowdfunding as a way to support the same entrepreneurs and SMEs. The so-called tax shelter law opens access to more fundraising possibilities, like crowdfunding, which are instrumental in creating jobs and boosting the economy. 

The team at MyMicroInvest has been following this process closely, both our in-house legal eagles and our financial analysts, to better inform our members. We are excited to announce that our efforts paid off! After many months of working closely with the Belgian Federal Government, MyMicroInvest can proudly say the tax shelter will become a reality for our investors and entrepreneurs as of early 2017!

What does this mean for you? In the future,

  • For an investment in qualifying SMEs, you’ll be entitled to a personal income-tax reduction of 30% of the invested amount.
  • For an investment in qualifying micro-companies, which make up the bulk of our offerings, you’ll be entitled to a personal income-tax reduction of 45% of the invested amount.

It goes without saying that MyMicroInvest highly welcomes this new Belgian tax to encourage equity and loan-based investments in start-up ventures! It is estimated that 257 billion euros currently sitting on savings accounts will be activated, which represents a huge opportunity for potentially profitable investments and job creation.

However, we’d like to stress the fact that in order to benefit from a full tax reduction in 2017, a certain number of conditions need to be met.