Thoughts from our Chairman on traveling across Europe and #EUCrowdShow

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Today we are in Slovenia for our #EUCrowdShow, a roadshow across 29 countries in Europe. We're going to the big and small places in each corner, from France and Germany to Malta and Cyprus. The tour is led by the MyMicroInvest Chairman, Jose Zurstrassen, who has more than 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur and, more recently, as an investor. We asked him why he is going on the roadshow, and this is his reply.

What do you hope to gain from traveling to 28 countries over the next few weeks? 

Including Belgium we are traveling to 29 countries! We're going to meet a lot of entrepreneurs, a lot of investors, a lot of people from all over Europe. I look forward to the dialogue with them about what entrepreneurs should do to grow, what investors are expecting from entrepreneurs in order to help them, and what kind of tools they expect to be present on both sides of the fence. 
We thought it was a good idea to meet people in person instead of just trying to launch a conversation over the internet and over social media. At the end of the day what we are trying to do is to crowdsource, to gain the wisdom of the crowd, of entrepreneurs, investors and the greater public inside Europe, to see together what we can do to ensure growth. 

It’s worth trying, to start the conversation, discuss, tap everyone's brain to find better solutions for tomorrow. We want entrepreneurs to launch and grow themselves, without relying on government or political support. 

We need to take our future in our hands. Everyone in our generation is looking for a really good way to actually project and grow in the future. We all need to do that. And I believe that the best way to do it is actually by starting your own company, creating your own startup.

So, yes, we should develop startups and scale ups, but, let’s try to develop them immediately with a pan-European ambition, from the start. We have the opportunity to access to a very large market at once, together. And any entrepreneur needs help to do that. Not only in terms of dialogue, but also execution, and that's where our crowdfunding platform comes in. 

We want to help entrepreneurs from any European country to expand across Europe. We have the same opportunities as entrepreneurs in America but close to home here in Europe. There already is a huge possibility, a large market and the capacity for investment into new companies. European entrepreneurs can benefit from a large market, with 507 million citizens that represent a combined savings and cash accounts of about 9 trillion euros. 

And, there is a willingness for many Europeans to use their money to help young Europeans to start, to launch and create their own business activity and create tomorrow's economy. Which we can do with crowdfunding and MyMicroInvest.

That’s why we launched this roadshow, to reach out to entrepreneurs and to listen to their views, and to exchange our own.