Yoga Room investors are seeing double!

— Startup successes — 4 minutes read

Great news for the Yoga Room crowd investors! Twenty months after taking part in the company’s first fundraising, investors have very recently accepted a buyback offer of their shares in the start-up, granting them an interesting return on investment of twice the initial amount invested in Yoga Room.

Yoga, more accessible than ever in Brussels

It all started in 2016 for the company Yoga Room (Nowrizon SPRL) Following a great fundraising through MyMicroInvest, the campaign raised €87,912 (final amount excluding fees) thanks to 80 investors and €100,000 thanks to one professional investor.

Our experience with MyMicroInvest was incredible! We truly had a helping hand that saved us 6 months worth of work. I was touched by the investors’ enthusiasm who, thanks to their support, made our project come to life.” – Pierre Rousseaux, Yoga Room founder.
According to an early-bird investor, Eloïse, this first crowdfunding experience was a revelation. Indeed, “for people who don’t have huge amounts to invest, like me at the time, this helps them become part of a project that speaks to them. I really believe that this enables interesting ideas to come to life.

Indeed, following this campaign and thanks to the crowd’s financing, the company was able to launch its very first Yoga studio, rue Defacqz in Brussels and to convince its first Yoga lovers to become clients. A second studio quickly followed and opened in the Fort Jaco neighborhood (Uccle, Brussels).

I was there during the very first lessons where we were 4-5 people per class. Months after, we were almost 30 passionate people gathered in one space to do what we loved!” – Eloïse.

To this day, the key to our success was to make Yoga accessible to all. If every single person practiced Yoga, the world would be a better place. Our strength is our ability to bring exceptional Yoga teachers from around the world. We offer the people of Brussels a chance to share experiences as well as a transmission of knowledge just a few blocks away from their house.” – Pierre Rousseaux.

A point of view that is shared by his clients as well as his investors who really witnessed the benefits of the Yoga offered by Yoga Room. “I often left Yoga Room with a floating feeling. Before, I was the one that would laugh when people told me that Yoga was a sport. Well now, I can actually say it’s true: you become more flexible, more muscular and you adopt a better posture while being completely aware of your body. It is truly a personal challenge.” – Eloïse.

One year after the creation of Yoga Room, Pierre Rousseaux went on a search to find a strategic partner in order to improve the management of his activity but also to concentrate on the quality of the Yoga he offers to his clients. This quickly resulted in a partnership and in a buyback of shares.

The need to find a new partner to help me in Yoga Room’s management was the next step to take in this entrepreneurial adventure. And for this, I needed to involve this person in the project, as well as my Yoga professors. I’m extremely happy to have taken the chance to thank my early-bird investors, those who believed in the project since the very beginning and who have always supported me. I am truly happy that in less than 20 months, they were able to get back twice the amount they initially invested.” – Pierre Rousseaux.

An exit in record time for MyMicroInvest

In only 20 months, the official exit of MyMicroInvest Finance’s participation in the company Yoga Room (Nowrizon SPRL) established a great record for our platform, proving that crowdfunding can really turn passions into projects, create employment and, in this case, make Yoga accessible to everyone. We are very proud to have played a role in the development of this young start-up.

MyMicroInvest’s two major objectives are the support of Belgian entrepreneurship and job creation through the financing of promising projects. The Yoga Room campaign is a great example because thanks to the crowd’s financial support, Yoga Room has been able to develop itself and to offer employment to over 30 people.” – Olivier de Duve, CEO of MyMicroInvest.

We would like to remind people that start-up investing remains a risky activity and that, unlike Yoga Room, most start-ups fail. That’s why we insist on the importance of investment diversification and portfolio creation to maintain financially healthy assets. In view of recent statistics, it is strongly advised to diversify your investments in order to mitigate your risks. This way, the earnings made thanks to some investments will offset the losses accumulated in others.

We are convinced that investing in today’s start-ups will help finance tomorrow’s economy. This is possible if we offer our investors the opportunity to easily diversify their investments in start-ups and scale-ups and to create their own portfolio. This is the best way to align their interests to our ambition to boost the Belgian economy.” – Olivier de Duve.