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Smart parcelbox - No more lost or stolen packages
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23/11/23: This campaign has been extended until 15 December, in accordance with the extension condition, given that €54,500 had been raised by 23 November.

Custo - Smart parcelbox - No more lost or stolen packages

Tired about missing parcels? Or waiting at home for an expected delivery? Never worry about a delivery again. Custo® is here.

Custo® is the very first smart mailbox of its kind. Spending time looking for your parcel around the neighbourhood is a thing of the past. So is dropping out of calls to answer the doorbell. That’s a promise. 

Why we are raising funds

After two years of developing and testing the product we launched our smart parcel box. We have developed, tried and tested our product and know it works. With your help we hope to finalise the last stage of our development, begin scaling and start expanding the product features. The plan is to first sell across Europe and afterwards in the rest the world.

Who we are

After having similar frustrations in how e-commerce is organised, we came together and decided to help improve the experience. Have you already spend time running around the neighbourhood looking for your package? We have! That's why we aim to find a solution to the increase the parcel delivery experience and the frustration it can bring. All of us at Custo truly believe a more efficient e-commerce can be organised, and we want to be a part of it.

Smart technology at your front door.

Easy - Easy and quick to install, as well as to use for the courier
Safe - The parcel is safe and can only be accessed by you
Sustainable - No failed deliveries resulting in a lower carbon footprint
Efficient - The parcel delivery/pickup is assured without intervention needed

Codes, smart bells or special door locks are a thing of the past. The Custo® smart mailbox opens by using the barcode on the parcel. No more extra work (both for yourself and for the courier) because, thanks to our 5G connection the only thing you have to open is your package.

Always a safe delivery option with Custo®.

We are all busy. That's why Custo® works for you, not the other way around. This allows you to free up more time for what really matters: family, friends, sports, hobbies, travel, ... Without stress or worry about missing a delivery. And last but not least, we also created a slot (on the side) for all your letters and newspapers....

01. Order Online, as much as you want.

02. Get all the information in the app.

03. Get notified of your delivery

04. Enjoy worry-free and assured deliveries.

Custo's app is your personal assistant for all your parcels 

Thanks to Custo® you decide how you receive your parcels. Even when you are sleeping, at work or not at home for a while. Our Custo® app is a personal assistant for all your deliveries. The place where you will find all info and status of your shipments. 

Get notifications. Custo® provides notifications when it is necessary. This way you will be the first to know about a received package. But, only the ones you want... You want to be up to date, but don't want an explosion of notifications. That is why you choose which notifications you receive and which we should keep to ourselves. You determine the security level of your smart mailbox yourself. This way you can temporarily close or open Custo® remotely.

Give multiple users access 

Share with your neighbourhood.
Do you want to share your Custo® with family, friends or neighbours? No problem! Share your Custo® with up to 4 users but stay in control as the owner.
Set access for custom time periods.
You don't want to give a user profile? No problem! Give access to anybody, once or recurring, via unique in app generated QR codes.

Unique, award-winning design 

Our unique parcelbox, designed by our product designer, recently won the red dot design award 2023 with our innovative parcel delivery solution! Custo® is safe and innovative, but also a feast for the eyes. For this we worked together with the renowned product designer David De Schryver, who did everything possible to combine aesthetics and must-have features.

Durable materials
Tasteful design with solid materials. Custo® is outside 24/7 and 365 days a year, and can withstand the weather, wind or heavy knocks. The durable materials ensure that your Custo® will last for decades.

Designed to avoid confusion among delivery drivers. Custo®'s simple smart display will give couriers the right instructions, and tells them exactly what to do with your package.

Safe Lock
Your package is really locked up with Custo. The lock of your Custo® does not open with a key or numerical code, but in a smart and secure way, so that you can be sure about your package. You can easily increase the security level of your Custo® for the delivery of an expensive or important package

Battery powered
Your Custo® mailbox is equipped with a powerful battery that lasts at least three months. No wires needed.

Proximity sensor
Custo®'s proximity sensor only lights up the smart display when someone approaches. Great for your battery.

Integrated 5G connection
Custo® checks the couriers track & trace data in a smart and super fast way, thanks to the built-in mobile 5G connection.

Sensor that knows your package.
Custo®'s sensor measures the properties of your package. So it is in safe hands, even with multiple deliveries.

Open with your phone or smartwatch
Simply open your Custo® with your smartwatch or your smartphone. Every user can set a smart device to open Custo®. You no longer have to search for the key.