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Smart parcelbox - No more lost or stolen packages
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Market, Strategy and Competition


E-commerce is booming, with around 100 billion parcels shipped worldwide in 2020, of which about 360 million in Belgium. Or, in other words, 1 million parcels per day in Belgium. An amount expected to double by 2030 (McKinsey). CUSTO believes a lot can still be optimised. And aims to help here.

Some numbers:
- About 10% of the deliveries is unsuccessful, meaning an average 100,000 parcels per day in Belgium
- At the same time, almost 90% of the population prefers to have their parcels delivered at their home, rather than at work, a post office or at a collection point.
- Theft and the costs of failed deliveries is a rising problem and a large costs for all e-commerce players. With 1.7m units or $25m dollars of shipment stolen per day in the US alone.

CUSTO believes we can provide a solution by guaranteeing delivery and being able the provide a confirmation to both parties involved in the process, being the courier and the end customer.

For now the market of parcel boxes is still relatively small, although we believe this will rise significantly. With about 170,000 mailboxes sold per year in the Benelux. This trend is increasing quickly seen the new law regarding mail/parcelboxes.


CUSTO has a unique solution, providing technology in an area where limited smart solutions exists.
Compared to the competition, there are several unique points whereby CUSTO differentiates itself:

Connected - The parcel box has a SIM card, meaning the connection does not depend on a WIFI connection or a network cable.

Integrated - CUSTO's solution is integrated with all couriers and get recognise all parcel barcodes without the need to provide CUSTO with the track and trace code before.

Easy to install - Being battery powered, no external power source is needed. The battery lasts for +3 months and can be charged in a few hours using a micro-USB cable.

IP - Our unique and licensed software will match track & trace codes and validate if the package is destined for you. Only if you are the correct recipient will CUSTO provide access to the parcel box.

Multi-users - Using the app you can give multiple users as well as visitors access to your parcel box. This can be limited in time or with a recurring instance, e.g. once a week.

Returns - In the future we should be able to organise returns