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Market positioning

EUROPEA offers a unique strategy by opting for the luxury of its products. Each client deserves the best of Europe while travelling. Selecting the finest boutique apartments in Europe, offering an easy and safe payment process/booking experience while linking it to the most dedicated concierge / educational onsite services was an obvious choice. EUROPEA Residences would like its clients to discover European heritage and culture through its most authentic houses while experiencing the European lifestyle through its most interesting activities.

Market trends

The market of short-term rentals is led by CtoC platforms such as Airbnb, Housetrip and Wimdu for the mainstream segment of standard apartments. Despite a difficult year for global tourism, in 2016, there were 40 million using apartments as accommodation. The demand is huge and will continue to grow within the period 2017-2022.

In the main European capitals, the market of middle class apartments is nearly saturated and is becoming very competitive which encourage investors and owners to invest more in apartment size and interior design. This situation leads to a new phenomenon of high standard boutique apartments with particular advantages for travellers.

As well, Guests will always aspire to a better quality of stay, and luxury and impeccable service makes feel special because it is special. Guests have continued to seek inexpensive ways to experience luxury and specialness, with ever more promiscuous brand loyalty. And this has created a new niche - and a 'mass' desire - for 'premiumised' products.

Consequently, In order to establish its strategy, EUROPEA Residences based itself on the following 6 market observations:

  • The global and Asian clientele, and their travel habits are in the midst of a revolution, especially regarding the regular usage of apartments as standard accommodation abroad.
  • Higher demand for exceptional and luxury accommodation.
  • An increase of luxury apartments in the European market.
  • Educational and cultural activities requested by travellers.
  • Asian travel and business in Europe is becoming a major driver in the world of global mobility.
  • Asian tourists in Europe are one of the biggest product and service spenders.


Many competitors exist in Europe, including local property managers and online booking platforms. These actors can be partners instead of competitors to reach new apartments or new clients, and this approached has worked.

Advantages of partnering with Europea for property managers/owners:

  • Most partners do not market their properties in Asia because of language barriers. Europea provides the solution.
  • Europea can manage secure payments from guests, reducing accounting and data implementation work for SME managers and owners.
  • Europea takes care of each client before the arrival and organise each stay in order to make it smooth for our partners.

Advantages for clients (guests):

  • Europea offers clients the "creme de la creme" residence, frequently opening new apartments and also integrating partner offerings on the same platform.
  • The Europea concierge takes it to the next level of holiday lifestyle. Including in Japanese and Chinese.
  • Flexible payment with installments.
  • In 2017, Club members will have access to special offers.
  • Each apartment has a local office to ensure quality services.