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The video sales accelerator for Belgian midsize retailers
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Screening Media is a Belgian company active in media & advertising since 2008.

Screening Media installs and manages TV screens in high traffic zones, mostly Carrefour and Delhaize shops. Screening Media produces and distributes qualitative video content to the screens, offering a global solution for its clients.

Screening Media combines a global and a local approach: the supermarkets will use 50% of the time to promote their products, and share the remaining 50% with local business partners or shops that will advertise their products and brand to the shoppers.

Screening Media is therefore able to offer a new and unique solution to its clients: an affordable digital and dynamic communication to strengthen their brand and accelerate their sales.


All Belgian companies are currently struggling with their digital transformation.
Retailers often still rely purely on paper displays to communicate to their clients in-store and many local businesses still communicate massively through local free papers (freesheets) however all these media are losing audience and efficiency.
All business owners know that they need to move to digital media but lack internal knowledge or capacity to do so.

Screening Media offers them a strong expertise and support to deploy their communication in this new digital channel.


Screening Media offers turnkey and easy to use solutions: the company installs 2 to 5 TV screens per shop. These screens are automatically populated with the central communication timeline of the chain driven by Headquarters (HQ), and the shop has the freedom to add more local content to drive additional sales.

Screening Media offers a global solution to all its clients, as it produces and publish all videos according to the clients' needs and requests.

Screening Media has three main operational activities
- Design and install Video screens in Partner shops
- Daily technical monitoring of all installed screens and players, on-site repair in 24h
- Content production and diffusion: Weekly updates of the messages to follow the weekly promotion cycles from HQ, punctual support to shops for their local needs

Screening Media Network as of January 2017:
150 partner shops

Exit strategy

Recent market transactions have proven that once a media company reaches a critical mass in number of points of presence and with a national coverage, it becomes a good invesmtent opportunity for a National player (media agency or intermediary).
The company believes that it will reach critical mass of 300 shops with two national retailers and with a good geographic coverage (good penetration in all three regions) within the coming years. At this stage, it will become a take over target for an industrial partner or a VC.

Marketing strategy

Screening Media's commercial approach is based exclusively on B2B direct sales. Our company deploys a workforce of five people all over the country to find new shops and announcers.

Distribution strategy

The growth strategy of Screening Media works in two steps:
- 1, the company will strongly increase its footprint, adding at least 40 shops per year to its network and doubling this network in three years
- 2, Once a shop has been equipped, Screening Media will contract with an average of 10 local announcers per new shop, with a target to reach 2,000 active clients in 2020.

Main partners

Screening Media has a strong history of partnerships (of more than five years) with leading Belgian retailers (Delhaize, Carrefour and Intermarché). It has developed strong relationships both franchisees and with HQs. Screening Media is currently involved in various digital projects with these HQs (going beyond video displays).