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Woké has created a Healthy Fast Food concept that will develop a franchise in France, Canada and USA.
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Stephan De Brabandere


After 10 years of travels around the world and business consulting in process management, Stephan now put all his skills and energy to create a Woké flagship restaurant and sell its concept worldwide.

Staying fit is one of his priorities in day-to-day life. But he likes eating a lot. Beside a lot of sports, eating at Woké used to be his solution. He was a fan of Woké before getting shareholder and director of the concept since November 2012.

His mission is to bring modernity and fun to healthy food in everybody's plate (including his own). Thanks to past experiences in intellectual assets management and business development, Stephan acquired crucial know-how as regards to Woké development needs. He sees Woké as the best food solution for 30iers and is convinced of the huge opportunity of the concept. Stephan and his family are open to settle abroad if market opportunities require it.

Resources: Graduated at the Louvain Business School (2001), expert in intellectual asset management, consultancy business developer.

Corentin de Voghel


Hiring Corentin from Quick was Stephan's first action as director of Woké. As co-manager of one of the best-seller Quick restaurants, combining rigor and hard-work, he was the best pick to bring experience and maturity to the concept.
Corentin now manages the pilot restaurant of Louvain-la-Neuve and is ready to extend its control to all upcoming Woké operations.

Board of directors


The board of directors is composed of 5 members:
- president: Laurence Battaille, founder and managing partner of IPAC, a service firm specialized in strategy, investments and international business development.
- delegate: Stephan De Brabandere
- an ex-managing director of a retail chain in the food industry (> 20 points of sale)
- a managing director of a franchised retail chain (> 20 points of sale)
- a director of a real-estate company