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Woké has created a Healthy Fast Food concept that will develop a franchise in France, Canada and USA.
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-By Stephan De Brabandere, CEO of Woké-
At lunch, when I’m hungry, I am looking for something tasty, fast; a healthy dish and yet, copious… This is how I first entered into Woké.
Near the entrance, there was a touchscreen where I select my bespoke wok. My choice of ingredients is automatically sent to the kitchen. 4 minutes later, on average, I get my nice and delicious wok, dietetic, as always. I can eat on the spot or away…
It was tip top. I was addicted! I went back many times. Now, it’s even easier for me given that I have been CEO for 15 months.
I was directly impressed by the uniqueness of the customer experience: her involvement in the creation of her fast and healthy dish. There is here a high value asset defined by 3 elements:
(1) A very strong interaction with the clients. There is a presence of real fans. It is a striking fact in Woké.
(2) A great ease to move beyond borders. Woké is different and therefore can be exported. Our Woké Foodtruck in Dallas,TX enabled us to validate the concept in the American audience.
(3) If this first move was successful, it’s thanks to Woké’s best asset: the set of processes of the concept. It is the cumulated result of the acquired experience with the 485.00 sold woks (on March 15, 2014.
These last 12 months enabled the concept to come to maturity, to make it multipliable; it’s now the time to boost the development.
These assets helped the optimization of the Woké point of sale. The development will begin by transforming the Louvain-la-Neuve site into a real flagship store, the showcase of the concept. This investment seems a natural choice given the cost structure that gives Woké a 65% margin on every sale increase.
Woké will enter simultaneously 3 top priority markets by franchising. These markets are the north of France, Montréal and Texas. We expect 6 restaurants in 2016 and 20 in 2019 in 5 markets.
For all of this, Woké needs you as a customer, of course, but most of all as contributor to the concept and as micro-shareholder. Now it’s your move!
My pitch on video :
You can also create your very own wok! http://www.woke.be/kiosque/kiosque-web.swf)


The access to healthy fast food is complicated or expensive.
Woké is active in the fast casual segment (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fast_casual). The concept aims the 20-40 years old, socially active, and modernity-oriented.


Woké has a restaurant in Belgium (Louvain-la-neuve) and a franchised foodtruck in Dallas, TX. The international expansion of the Woké concept will be done by franchise in Western Europe and North America with a targeting on Texas, Montréal and North of France.