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Leaphy, the single trusted source for information about medicines and more
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Leaphy, the single trusted source for information about medicines and more.

Leaphy is a medical information and data intelligence company. The aim of Leaphy is to become the single trusted source of reliable information on the use of medicines for all European patients. Leaphy will create value beyond the pill by enabling patient-centred healthcare.

The platform is the forum for patients to learn and share experiences about their treatments and their diseases. Value will be created by interacting with the users and by analysing their experiences. By analysing these experiences, Leaphy will create even more value for patients and the healthcare systems as this will lead to the improvement of patient care and to increased access to value-added therapies. In addition, it has the potential of becoming the tool used by authorities to monitor health outcomes and it will be ready to support the future changes of the healthcare systems to "Value Based Healthcare".

Leaphy ecosystem

Leaphy' core value proposition is a mobile and web application which allows pharmaceutical companies to make available their patient information leaflets (PILs) digitally, with improved readability for their users (patients) and the scientific leaflets (SmPCs) for healthcare professionals. Complementary, with the feature “Leaphy Logbook”, the users can improve their use of medication intake while monitoring their health in "Leaphy Health".

In addition, Leaphy will enable an external digital network between its users and healthcare professionals, authorities, official eHealth platforms and smart devices. In a later phase, with the introduction of “Leaphy Community Platform”, the user will be able to interact on a social platform for patients and share information about experiences with their medication and diseases.

Leaphy business model

Leaphy is not just an mHealth app. It is designed to become a hub for communication between patients and healthcare professionals, industry and authorities. As such it breaks the communication barriers between those stakeholders and is a b2b2c business model in which the product is information and Leaphy is the channel.

Privacy, ethical and legal issues

Ensuring privacy and data security is very important for this platform. People using the platform will be asked to provide personal information such as age, sex and more detailed information about their disease and potentially other habits. Data protection by design includes features such as anonymity, explicit consent, minimisation of disclosed data as well as secure transfer and storage of data. The company will ensure that Leaphy is compliant to the European Commissions’ Code of Conduct on privacy for mHealth apps. In addition, it will ensure compliance to the most recently published General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


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