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Historical accounts

Non applicable : The company was established end of 2017. First exercise will be closed on 31/12/2018.

Financial plan

The five year business plan developed by TC4A management is presented here below : it is based on our business model and country execution plan over the next 5 years

Revenue drivers

Tech Care for All revenue is made of the turnover generated by technology sales and grants allocated by foundations /organizations as partners in our initiative .
Regarding the turnover our forecasts are based on the average technology licences comercialized on the african and asian markets . The pricing model will be adapted to each local market depending on economic conditions.

We made following assumptions on technology sales :

  • gross margin is estimated to be 90% after 10% royalties paid back to licensors
  • net margin should reach 50% in average after charging direct sales costs

Cost drivers

Here is the breakdown of our operating costs :

  • incorporation costs
  • headquarters staff costs ( fees)
  • royalties on licensed technologies
  • IT development center costs
  • general and administrative fees

Financial tables

Please note that this table represents the pessimistic scenario, ie. in the event that TC4A only obtains the minimum desired at this financial round, which amounts 1,500,000 EUR.

In this case, an action plan would be undertaken to avoid a negative cash flow:
- A new capital increase in 2019
- A slowdown in the plan for future investments

Break even volume

The break even to cover our fixed costs will be reached with 1.5 million € revenue

Break even year

1 December 2021