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Sientje P

I was doing research for the freelance market. Freelancers do not get paid when falling sick, causing stress, they would be an ideal target group for this start-up, not for 'home insurance, but for 'sickness insurance'. But the idea of a community stays the same. In the Netherlands you have these initiatives, where small groups whose participants pay into a mutual sickness fund. Maybe an idea, when searching another target group and/or new business line.

Rémi W Entrepreneur

Dear Sientje,
Thank you for your interest. You are 100% correct, insurance regarding guaranteed income (esp. for the freelance/independent market) is something that goes hand in hand with our vision on community. Home insurance is just the start, guaranteed income is definitely on our roadmap; we are currently even working together with a major Belgian university regarding stress and burn-outs, with this topic in mind.