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Go paperless, the digital archive of the future!
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Go paperless, the digital archive of the future! Organize, visualize, manage and optimize your expenses, costs and documents of your family with roov.

Nobody likes administration but with ROOV you can make adminstration fun and even make money out of it. Collecting information, data, invoices, .... at ROOV was never so easy and it gives you the possbility of gaining money with limited effort. No more closets with files stuffed with papers you'll never use again, One tool to manage your household!


Market problem

Every household receives on a monthly basis a lot of documents, invoices, … A limited set of people use technology to organize their administration. More than 60% still uses a paper-based files to store the documents. A lot of documents are stored in a file that ends up in a closet and never used. And in those documents there is valuable information to optimize you expenses.

  • How can you retrace all your documents when you need it the most (warranties, invoices, ...) easily?
  • How many closets do you use for your paper admin?
  • Do you know the evolution of your expensenses? Is your energy invoices higher then last year?

Budget planning

More then 25% of all Belgians are having problems of making their budget. When an unexpected cost of more then 1.000 euro comes, there is a budget problem.

Lots of tools: no complete solution

People are using lots of tools to manage their admin. Banking, excell, doccle, email, ... A lot of solutions but no complete one. If you have to do the hard work and fill in all the expenses on excell, you loose time, ...


ROOV: your financial app to manage all adminstration

Roov tackles every problem that a household has in terms of administration. A solution that has a desktop version and app where you manage your finances with pleasure. We combine several tools in app.

  • a cloud based archive where you can store and retrace all your documents
  • a dashboard of all your expenses and evolution
  • an application where you will receive automatic cost-reducing opportunities, …
  • a tool that gives you warnings when invoices aren't paid
  • ...

Marketing strategy

When we did our survey, we adressed the Belgian market in the first place. Because we know the market and already have experience in a B2B product into the market.
Our marketing strategy focuses on several essential tools:
- creating ambassadors (already 2000)
- organic
- viral cimmunication
- partnerships
- pr
- social media communication
- advertisement (google, facebook, ...)

Distribution strategy

We try to reach as many as possible trough non paying channels but history has learned that your first customers come with the paying channels. It is our job with AB testing to find out what works and what not. Once you have a critical mass, everything is more easy.

Internationalisation strategy

At this time we made our product scalable for every country in the world. We believe that we created a solution for many people. But first things first and we are building our customers in Belgium and as soon as we are ready to start in other countries we will start the communication. In the businessplan we believe that this can be reached in 2020.