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Market positioning

As we made an analysis of the market we discovered that there are a lot of possible tools that people are now using but there is not one application that covers them all in one.
• Banking applications: payments
• Data storage sites: keep documents in one central location
• Spending applications: a mobile solution for tracking your expenses
• Excel: calculating file
Many applications, many tools but everything has his limits. We provide a product where we can gather other business models and help.
ROOV is a combination of all those tools in one application and with the principle of Mobile first. The most used computer everybody is using, is the smart phone. We adapted our system that is very easy to use on desktop and definitely on a phone.
The highway we are building is a highway of data. We gather a lot of information that we are going to use in a good way with the highest privacy commitments.

Market trends

Adoption rate: results survey

The results where amazing of the adoption rate and we were above any benchmark!